Semper Paravit - Always Ready
Welcome to the Realistic Airsoft Tactical Shooting Sport official website!
Real Tac is a shooting sport, airsoft guns you carry out. Its aim shooting according to the rules of tactical purposes, terrain or shooting range, but mainly individual team level. The RT was founded in 2014 and was the first competitive season 2015th
The tasks of the contestants in the TOC / Tactical Operation Center / receive, receive a briefing here. The implementation period will go or scoring. The exercises simulating real life - real mission - the real implementation! Contestants are subjected to heavy physical and mental strain. The tasks may be logical or physical, to save the wounded, bomb-disarming, descent, CQB ..... etc.
Due to the difficulties of changing jobs, and because no two the same field, the tasks are very diverse! The teams need to be prepared for the unexpected, they always have to be ready, so our motto Semper Paravia - always ready!
Real Tac Division
Without age restriction, junior and adult categories can compete. Classic situational shooting rules, according to an individual or couple. Over 18 years, made under the rules of the team's tactical shooting. For beginners who are learning the Tac Real rules.